The MAGIC Health Smart Home project has achieved several significant milestones over the past several months.  Continuous environmental data is streaming from all rooms in both Project houses, stored locally on a multi-terabyte hard drive, as well as stored in a cloud based data base.  In addition, sound level sensors are now sensing how quiet or noisy different parts of the houses are around the clock.
All this data is collected and organized using an open source automation platform called Home Assistant.  The hardware platform is a combination of Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino’s, and off the shelf low cost sensors.  The Project is currently evaluating the cybersecurity aspects of this low cost, open source approach to residential IoT, with the goal of developing standards and policies to protect home data.
In coming weeks, the Project will be testing and deploying an upgrade to the software platform Target staff use, to now include extensive nutritional data to go along with client activities and behavior that are currently entered into the database.  This nutritional data stream will make the Project unique among other research projects developing new health insights using IoT technology.
MAGIC is also developing collaborative relationships with a number of academic research programs interested in working together exploring health and IoT in the home.  Stay tuned for more announcements about that in the near future.  To find out more check out our Healthy Smart Home page.