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The MAGIC Healthy Smart Home project focuses on creating a new way to gather, store, analyze, and utilize health data in a residential setting.  Ultimately, solutions developed in the project will allow seniors to age in place, the disabled to better access the health care system, and provide powerful tools for delivering preventive care in a residential setting, keeping people healthier for longer periods, at lower cost.

MAGIC is partnering with Target Community and Educational Services to turn two of their residential facilities into 21st century medical smart homes.  Target is a local non-profit providing residential and vocational support services to adults with intellectual disabilities. Unlike conventional smart home projects, which mostly focus on control systems for lighting, security, and environmental systems, the MAGIC Healthy Smart Home projects uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create an innovative approach to community based health data collection and analysis, potentially transforming health delivery to enable aging in place and more effective preventive care in a residential setting.

Primary outcome measures for the project are decreased Emergency Department  and Urgent Care visits, decreased unplanned medical appointments, and decreased staff time spent on unplanned medical problems. Secondary outcomes are demonstrating the utility of home based sensors for community health, and developing open-source software and hardware solutions for implementing medically oriented smart home solutions. Research objectives will be developed on a case-specific basis with academic partners.  The Project uses IoT sensor and networking technology to create a patient-centric health data ecosystem prioritizing interoperability, privacy, security, and portability.

The technology platform securely, privately, and discretely gathers behavioral, physiologic, and environmental data and provides intelligent monitoring, analysis, and alerting to make a measurable, positive impact on residents’ health and quality of life. The confluence of IoT technology, big data analytics, and broadband connections enables an unprecedented reorientation of medical data collection, analysis, and decision-making toward a community setting.

Listen to Dr. Robert Wack talk about MAGIC’s Community Partnerships and the Healthy Smart Home.

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Community sponsors and partners:

Target Community



Westminster Security

Point Breeze Credit Union