The time has come for MAGIC’s annual hackathon! From Wednesday, March 24 through Sunday, March 28th, we’re bringing you the same high-quality, educational event as previous years but with a few alterations. Here is what you can expect from MAGIC’s 2021 Hackathon.

Virtual Format

In consideration of social distancing, MAGIC has decided to make this event virtual. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a virtual event that will benefit students and encourage efficient collaboration. During the event, the Hackathon Workshops will be available in pre-recorded classes that participants will be able to view whenever and wherever they feel is most convenient. There will also be a time scheduled for a live Q&A session between participants and professional mentors. 

In-Person Presentations

After four days of intense virtual planning and creating, participants will then have the opportunity to present their app to a committee. Each team will be given a scheduled presentation time on Sunday, March 28, 2021, and the community is invited to watch via live stream. Teams will have ten minutes to pitch their app, and afterward, the committee will judge teams based on a variety of goals. 

Diverse Group of Participants

This event isn’t only for coders. MAGIC’s 2021 Hackathon is a beginner-level event, and individuals with diverse interests and experiences are invited to participate. This event will give a crash course about developing an app, so individuals don’t need to worry about a lack of experience. 

Want to diversify your team’s skill set? MAGIC provides a communication channel when you register to look for the right addition to your team. If you want to participate in the Hackathon but don’t have a team, Team_Marketplace, MAGIC’s communication channel, is the place to find your team. 

Logo Competition

We want you to tap into your creative side. If you’re interested in graphic design, you’ll enjoy our Hackathon Logo Contest. MAGIC wants you to reimagine our Hackathon 2021 competition logo. Submit your design to us by February 1, 2021, for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, as well as have their design displayed on marketing materials and competition T-shirts. To learn more about the logo contest, please click here! 

Are You Registered? 

Registration begins on February 1st. All you need to do to register for this event is to have a team of two or more people and fill out our online registration form. Since this is a virtual event, participants will need to create a Discord account to access all of the workshops and other valuable resources for the competition. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be glad to help.