Whether you’re:

  •  a commercial realtor that helps new and established businesses find their ideal location, or
  • a residential real estate agent guiding families and individuals in finding the perfect home,

…it’s likely you’re already well-versed in many of the great things Westminster, MD has to offer both existing and potential new residents. 

The city has a rich history, but what is here to entice those buyers that are more focused on the future than the past? Here’s a closer look at how real estate agents can best highlight Westminster’s advanced tech resources as a unique selling point to interest commercial and residential clients in this area.  


Fast, Reliable Internet: A Necessity in 2020

Maryland as a whole currently has around 34 internet service providers present, with specific availability varying by geographical area. From Frontier and EarthLink to Xfinity and Verizon, internet service isn’t hard to come by wherever your clients hope to relocate to in our state. But with businesses relying more heavily on technology, and more homeowners working remotely, buyers are often looking for something beyond the standard internet service.

Everything from daily work tasks to gaming and other tech-based hobbies is starting to become more and more reliant on faster, better internet connectivity. Luckily, the City of Westminster has already made an investment in delivering just that to residents and business owners. It’s called the Westminster Fiber Network managed by Ting, and it provides the fastest internet service in the entire State of Maryland!  It’s also truly symmetric, which means your upload speeds will be just as fast as your download speeds.


How Commercial Buyers Can Benefit

The city’s partnership with Ting allows businesses and some residents to access and utilize one of the fastest, strongest internet connections available today. Realtors selling commercial properties in Westminster can more easily persuade buyers to establish businesses in this area by highlighting the significant advantages they’ll get with Ting internet service. These benefits include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Uninterrupted connections for Zoom calls and virtual meetings.
  • Ease in collaborating with clients and remote employees.
  • Opportunities for new digitally-based revenue streams.
  • Higher internet speeds that allow for improved employee productivity and lower lag time.


Advantages for Home Buyers

Agents selling residential properties within Ting’s service area in Westminster can focus on the great opportunities and possibilities this advanced internet can provide for homeowners and families, including: 

  • A better TV and movie-watching experience with lag-free streaming.
  • Optimal network connectivity for online gaming and similar hobbies.
  • More opportunities to work from home or start a home-based business.
  • Fast and stable connections that don’t get bogged down when multiple family members are connecting simultaneously.

An Environment Where Tech Can Thrive

Building upon the city’s infrastructure, the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory (MAGIC) is another great resource in Westminster that provides the space for tech to thrive. MAGIC is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth in a tech ecosystem that students and entrepreneurs alike can benefit from. We partner with Ting and other organizations within our community to enable and advance tech innovation in our area. 

Show your clients that they can access the tech resources that places like Silicon Valley offer without the high cost of living when they settle right here in Westminster, MD

To learn more about MAGIC’s mission, events, or tech opportunities, contact us today.