Carroll County doesn’t see as much technical innovation as big cities, which is what makes it so exciting when a new tech business joins our local economy. Most recently, Skayl opened their doors at a new office in the TownMall of Westminster. Together with the Battleground gaming lounge, the Sweet Additions bakery, and other new businesses, Skayl is hoped to bring increased foot traffic and business to the mall.

Skayl’s mission can be difficult to understand – as stated on their website, they aim “To revolutionize integration with passion and integrity by providing architecture solutions that advance critical technologies and improve lives.” This goal is more important than most people know, but may be challenging to explain to someone who has not worked with software development before.

In essence, Skayl aims to simplify the process of getting different software and hardware to work together in systems or combinations of many different devices. As explained in their introduction video, getting a couple of devices to communicate information with one another isn’t usually a problem. However, using hundreds of different devices with hundreds of different data formats, protocols, and connections is difficult, inefficient, and costly.


Skayl creates reliable software tools based on mathematical theory that allow for the creation of complex integrations and facilitate data modeling and visualization. They have worked with NATO, several branches of the United States military, and the defense industry to provide integration solutions for defense technology. Skayl’s technology is also playing a role in healthcare and smart infrastructure systems.


On July 22nd, Skayl introduced its new TownMall office location, remodeled from a former Chinese restaurant with new high-speed fiber-optic internet connections installed. The company moved from a smaller office above Duke’s car wash in Westminster and now has two satellite offices.



Complete with appetizers and sushi on a motorized ferris wheel, the Skayl reception was a great opportunity to learn about the company’s mission to launch us into the future of interoperability and communication between technological systems, creating a better, more efficient, and safer world.


Many influential figures in the local community were in attendance, including Mike McMullin, President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Delegate Susan Krebs, Jen Bishop, Emerging and Digital Technologies Manager of the Carroll County Public Library, and several members of MAGIC including Dr. Robert Wack and Amy Rupp. We also had Mayor Joe Dominick and MAGIC board members including Bob Kuntz, Tyler Sturgill, Deb Cancro, and Chet Andes. 


While its business strategy may be nontraditional by Carroll County standards, Skayl’s success is proof that with enough passion and courage, anyone can succeed and bring new ideas to life regardless of the resources they start with. Toward the end of the ceremony, a ceremonial ribbon at the entrance to Skayl’s new headquarters was cut, beginning a new age of technology, innovation, and success for our community.