Hackathon FAQ

Below are some Frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please contact us at info@magicinc.org

What is the age requirements for this event?

This event is for high school and college aged students. Nontraditional college students are also encouraged to participate.

Do I have to have a team to participate?

We encourage our participants to gather classmates and friends to form a team before registration.  That being said, you can register without a team and we can give you access to our Team_marketplace. Have a great idea but need a team, want to get more experience in a particular discipline? Post in the marketplace. List your interests and connect with teams that may need your expertise.  We will do our best to make sure that everyone finds a team. When you register you will be added to our Discord competition server. Please make sure you have a valid Discord username before registering.

Are hackathons just for techies?

No! In order to design, build, and pitch an app you’ll need more than just technical skills on a team. Each team will have to identify who is covering the following skill sets: Software Development, Marketing, Business, and Graphic Design/Creative.

What if I’ve never built an app?

That’s okay! The MAGIC Hackathon is a beginner-level experience. It’s a safe place for you to learn. The workshop will give you a crash course in the basics like app development, graphic design, business plans, marketing concepts, etc.

Do I have to stay and work through the night during the Hackathon?

That’s a great question. Because this is a virtual online event, you can set your schedule from start to finish.  You and your teams will be required to meet some simple milestone along the way, but how and when you work is totally up to you and your team.  We expect some teams will be night owls, or have other committments and others won’t so it’s okay to work as your own pace.  This is a total independent process.

Do I have to attend the Kickoff live stream at the start of the Hackathon? 

We strongly suggest that you and your team attend and watch the live kickoff.  We will be providing a lot of information you and your team will need to know to make th most of your Hackathon experience.

To compete in the Hackathon, does every member of my team have to be present for ALL work hours?

No. We understand that students have a lot going on. If a team member(s) has to spend some time away from the collaborative effort, that won’t disqualify them your team from competition. The good part of a virtual event is that your teams private work channels allow you and teams member to start current on what everyone is doing and to post your progress for missing members to catch up.

Will there be people to help us throughout the Hackathon?

Yes. Mentors and coaches will be available during scheduled portions of each work day. If a mentor or coach is not available you can post your questions and ask for help in our #mentors channel and we will get a professional to contact you for consultation.  We will also have various mentors availabe in our voice/video channel for in depth discussions about various topics.