We finished our latest Hackathon this weekend and we’re so proud of all of our amazing winners and participants. We’d like to thank everyone who was involved with the event from the students to the volunteers, and everyone in between.
We couldn’t make this amazing event happen without you. So, we thank each and every one of you for your contributions to our amazing event. Thank you! 
Now, without further ado, we’d like to share the names of all of our winning teams with a little information on the apps they worked on!

Best Tech – BitApprentice

Chandler Honeycutt – Online Student

Jake Farr – Arundel High School

Devin Johns – Manchester Valley High School

BitApprentice is an apprenticeship search engine that helps young cybersecurity professionals find their way into the field. The app connects cybersecurty firms with fresh talent in regards to location, the type of internship, and more! The students who created this app were looking to address the high barrier of entry for young talent trying to enter the cybersecurity workforce. This team also responded to our first ever sponsored problem statement from the Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative (CYAI2024.org).


Best Design – Cubboard

James Heller – Carroll Community College

Cheyenne Tarr – Carroll Community College

This clever little app helps people by allowing them to track how much food they have, when it will expire, and recommended recipes based on what’s in their cupboard! Additionally, if the app recognizes a large quantity of a particular food; it will suggest to donate to a local food shelter or organization and link the consumer with respective shelters or entities. The app features a meal schedule, meal planning, and budgeting components as well.


Best Idea – Opus

Brianna Ingram – Walkersville High School

Abbey Mandl – Carroll Community College

OPUS is an app that tracks your productivity on your smartphone while at work so that employers can work with their employees to become more productive! The app would display analytics of time spent, which portions of the phone are being used, and an overall daily score and point system. Employers then have the ability to provide incentives to their employees within the app based on their performance. Examples of incentives would be “free coffee” or “leave 15 minutes early”. 


Best Pitch – Cereal

Joshua Arruda – McDaniel College

Justin Chapin – McDaniel College

Connor Strickland – McDaniel College

Aaron Washtington – McDaniel College

Cereal is an app that connects college students to their university or school’s events and organizations. The app would serve as a social platform where students and event coordinators could communicate more efficiently in terms of attendance, details of the event, and inviting others. The app would also provide newer students with the ability to become more easily connected and involved in their school’s clubs, organizations, and events.

Best Overall (Winners) – StudentPulse

Alana Koh  – Oakdale High School

Erin Nichols – Oakdale High School

Jon Allen – Manchester Valley High School

Isaiah Baptiste – Liberty High School

Student Pulse is an app that provides students an anonymous space to ask for help. The app would be connected to the respective school, administrators, staff, and counseling services. The intention of the app is to give students a feeling of comfort and confidentiality when approaching obstacles that are not directly academically-related. The app would facilitate more effective and private plans of action between a school’s staff and their students.