Virtual CTF Hosting

As we transition to a virtual environment to preserve participant safety and maintain social distancing, we have made a few changes to our popular hosted Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Competition format.  Preserving the CTF cyber experience, we have moved our competition to an online platform.  This allows teams  to compete from literally anywhere.  Participants don’t even need to be in the same physical location to compete as a team during the competition. All students require is access to an internet connection and a computer with a web browser.

To maintain the integrity of a truly beginner level competition, our hosted process included registered location sites who hosted teams of  preregistered participants.  As many location sites are not fully open to physically host the teams, MAGIC introduces our Virtual Host Location Sponsor to replace the original Host Location format your organization knows.

What is a Virtual Host Location Sponsor and how does it work?

 A Virtual Host Location Sponsor(VHLS) is a Host organization or location that will cover the cost of a team participating in the online competition. This sponsorship fee replaces the Host location fees we typically charge for a location to participate in the cyber event. An organization or location will have the option to sponsor teams at several different levels.  

A VHLS can sponsor  up to 3 teams for $250, up to 5 teams for $400, up to 7 teams for $525 and up to 10 teams for $700.  For more than 10 teams, contact MAGIC for special pricing.  Once a location sponsor decides on the sponsor level, we will supply you with discount codes to distribute to requesting teams..  The discount codes allow the teams to register without a cost. 

Once a team registers with us, we supply access to the online environment for each team.  We will note the sponsor with the team name on the competition scoreboard so everyone can see who sponsored the team.  It’s that simple.

VHLS’s can decide how they want to distribute the codes they receive.  The location can market the event and receive  requests from teams to participate, or donate the discount codes to a code bank and MAGIC can distribute the codes as requests for participation come in to our organization.  If you decide to manage your own codes, we will list you as a verified sponsor on our website sponsor list with a contact email address for potential teams to request codes.   The choice is yours.

My facility is/will be open by November, can I still physically host teams?

Yes, if your facility will be fully operational by November you can plan on hosting your team on site.  It is the responsibility of the organization to follow all state and regional mandated safety guidelines for  gathering groups.  If you want to physically host your teams, contact Kim Samuelson at to discuss the option.

What is included in the Sponsorship?

With your sponsorship, you will receive:

  •  marketing materials to help promote the event
  •  A free t-shirt for each sponsorship you make.  For example, if you sponsor 3 teams, your organization will receive 3 free t-shirts for you and your organization or volunteers.  
  • The cost of sponsorship also covers a free t-shirt for each member of the teams you sponsor..  We handle the distribution and shipping.
  • Your name and/or logo on the T-shirts
  • Your name and logo on our social media when promoting the event.
  • A promotional video spot for your organization on our streaming  of the event. The organization can provide a short video to be broadcast during our event.  (3 minutes max)

You can register your sponsorship online with a credit card by selecting the link below.

Virtual Host Location Sponsor Registration

If your organization needs to pay by check or wire transfer, please contact for an alternative registration link.

♦Carroll County Public school club or organizations, please contact Kim Samuelson for special pricing and alternate registration options.