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Ever wondered what’s possible in a short amount of time?

Hackathon’s are challenging and fun experiences where people learn how to design, build, and pitch an app in a weekend. These apps may change the world or maybe just change Carroll County.

Learning is at the heart of the MAGIC Hackathon. Teams are invited to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones. It’s okay if you don’t finish or have a working app. We consider this Hackathon to be a beginner-level experience. Come ready to learn!

Great hackathon teams have people with diverse interests and experiences. All students with an interest in app development, graphic design, business, and/or marketing are encouraged to participate.

Teams of 2 or more high school and college students will compete to see who can build the best application. Bring your team and get started.  Have an idea but no one to work with? No problem. MAGIC will provide you with a communication channel when you register called Team_Marketplace.  This open channel was created to help you find the perfect fit. Whether it’s to find a team to work with, or a team looking to fill additional team members.

Don’t know how to code? That is okay! No experience necessary. PLUS, great hackathon teams need diverse skill sets, including graphic design, business, marketing, and communication. The Hackathon Workshops will provide you a crash course an all aspects of bringing an app to life, including new and innovative tools to help attain your goals.

Participants should come ready to identify a problem, design a solution, and build an app!

New for 2021: The MAGIC Hackathon has gone virtual.  Due to current social distancing restrictions, MAGIC has reimagined the whole design process for our Hackathon Workshop and Hackathon Weekend. The Hackathon Workshops will be available in pre-recorded classes that you can view when it is convenient for you and your team.    The Hackathon Weekend  will now be extended into a 5 day app sprint with a scheduled in person team judging presentation on the last day of the competition.

Teams will still have access to our great professional mentors as well as team chat rooms and video access via a Discord server specifically created for team collaboration and inspiration.

Check back in February more information and how to register.

Hackathon Workshop

The Hackathon experience begins with our workshops. These pre-recorded workshops, led by industry leaders, will provide an overview of how to design, build, and pitch an app.  Also included are recommendations on what tools are available to get you started. Time will also be schedule for live Q&A with these professional mentors so you and your team can get the individual attention you may need.

Hackathon Sprint Week

Using collaboration tools like Discord and Zoom, teams will have their own space to innovate, and build the next big app.  Industry professionals will be available at various times during sprint week to answer questions live.  Or post questions on the mentor channels for help.  This is the sprint! Your team will collaborate to create a viable product and bring it to life.  

Hackathon Pitch Presentations

Teams will pitch and demo apps on Sunday. The entire community is invited to watch the event lived streamed to cheer on their favorite team and to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the students. Industry professionals will judge your team on a variety of goals.  Refer to the Hackathon Rubric available on our Resources page. Each team will be given a scheduled presentation time on Sunday, March 28, 2021  to pitch their apps to the judging committee. Each team will have 10 minutes to present and answer any questions from the judges.   Winner's will be determined on Sunday.

Are you in?

All you have to do to participate in the MAGIC Hackathon is submit an online registration form.  You and your team must register to participate.  All registrations must be submitted by Monday, March 22, 2021. 

Competition prerequisites:

  • Participants must be a member of a team to register.  Due to the virtual nature of this event, MAGIC cannot facilitate placement of individuals to teams.  It is the responsibility of the individual to find or forms their own team.  Teams must have a minimum of 2 team members to participate.  
  • User account with Discord.  MAGIC will be hosting this event virtually.  We will be using the Discord environment for collaboration and communication during the event.  If you don't already have an account, you must create one to have access to our Hackathon environment. A server invite will be available in February for access to our channels which will give individuals and teams access to our team_marketplace channel. This open channel is available for individuals looking to a team to join, and for teams to fill member needs. 

Hackathon 2020 Winners

Best Overall

Category Winners

Best Tech – BitApprentice

Best Design – Cubboard

Best Pitch – Cereal

Best Idea – Opus