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Ever wondered what’s possible in a weekend?

Hackathon’s are challenging and fun experiences where people learn how to design, build, and pitch an app in a weekend. These apps may change the world or maybe just change Carroll County.

Learning is at the heart of the MAGIC Hackathon. Teams are invited to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones. It’s okay to fail. We consider this Hackathon to be a beginner-level experience. Come ready to learn!

Great hackathon teams have people with diverse interests and experiences. All students with an interest in app development, graphic design, business, and/or marketing are encouraged to participate.

Teams of 2-5 high school and college students will compete to see who can build the best application. Bring a team or come solo and find a team at the start of the competition.

Don’t know how to code? That is okay! No experience necessary. PLUS, great hackathon teams need diverse skill sets, including graphic design, business, marketing, and communication. The Hackaton Workshop will provide you a crash course an all aspects of bringing an app to life, including new and innovative tools to help attain your goals.

Participants should come ready to identify a problem, design a solution, and build an app – all in a weekend! 

The MAGIC Hackathon has two components: Hackathon Workshop and Hackathon Weekend. The Hackathon Workshop is held on Friday from 4-10pm.   The Hackathon Weekend is held on Saturday and Sunday. 

Hackathon Workshop

The Hackathon experience begins on Friday, February 21, 2020 with a workshop. This workshop, led by industry leaders, will provide an overview of how to design, build, and pitch an app in just a weekend.  Also included are recommendations on what tools are available to get you started.

Hackathon Weekend

Teams will gather on Saturday at 8am to kick-off the Hackathon experience. Each team will have until Sunday at 1pm to submit their apps. Open work hours and meals will be provided throughout the Hackathon. This is the sprint! Your team will collaborate to create a viable product and bring it to life.  

Hackathon Celebration

Teams will pitch and demo apps starting at 2pm on Sunday. The entire community is invited to attend and to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the students. Industry professionals will judge your team on a variety of goals.  Refer to the Hackathon Rubric available on our Resources page. 

Are you in?

All you have to do to participate in the MAGIC Hackathon is submit an online registration form.  You may register as a team or individual.  All registrations are due on the Wednesday before the Hackathon Workshop.

Registration for this free event is only a click away.

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Hackathon 2019 Winners

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