Capture the Flag Competitions 

Our Bi-Annual hosted events brings together participants and industry professionals on a given Saturday in April and November.  These on-site events are hosted in various locations world wide.  This means a student in Maryland could be competing against a student in Estonia, Ecuador, or Ireland. Our main arena in Westminster, MD is the epicenter of the festivities and our MC and various industry speakers take the competition to the next level.

New to MAGIC’s cybersecurity arsenal is an online version of our hosted Capture the Flag competition.  This virtual CTF uses the same beginner level type content that our hosted event utilizes.  The look and feel is different, but no less competitive and challenging.  This online version allows for a broader range of participants and students that may not be able to attend a competition in person.  

MAGIC’s competitions are geared toward entry-level high school, college, and nontraditional college students interested in pursuing a career in Cybersecurity.   Capture the Flag competitions are exciting, thought provoking, and competitive.  There is so much information floating around.  Where do you start?

You can start here!  We have pulled together some resources to help anyone interested in cybersecurity.  Whether you are a student just starting out, a parent interested in finding a ethical outlet for your child’s interest, or an educator wanting a resource to reference, you are in the right place.