Tech experiences 

MAGIC provides hands-on technology and entrepreneurial education experiences for high school and college students to enrich their understanding and interest in technology. These experiences are positioned as entry-level beginner events to appeal to the widest possible population of high school and college students. Using an innovative challenge based, experiential learning approach, the goals of the events are to build a connected tech ecosystem, to give young people opportunities to acquire and demonstrate new skills, and to expose them to potential employers, with the specific outcome measures of creating internships, and ultimately full-time employment.

Capture the Flag, Ethical Hacking Cybersecurity Competition.

The Capture the Flag (CTF) events are based on content originally developed by the cybersecurity professionals at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and further extended and modified by MAGIC.  This ethical hacking competition is for entry-level participants at the high school and college level. Teams of 2-4 students work their way through a series of cybersecurity puzzles set up in a Jeopardy ™  style format to find hidden flags and earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

Using an environment running Kali Linux, participants are encouraged to use various resources and tools to “hack” the answers to the puzzles. This introduction allows the students to get a feel for the different aspects for cybersecurity.


Build a fully realized application in just a weekend. The Hackathon journey starts with a half-day workshop in which industry leaders provide an overview of how to design, build, and pitch an app.  Then teams comprised of 3 – 5 students will work together to identify a problem, design a solution, and build an app – all in a weekend! These apps may go on to change the world or maybe just Carroll County. Ever wondered what’s possible in a weekend?

Cyber Club

Cyber club is a free monthly tech experience available to students grades 8-12, who are interested in gaining knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.   Club participants will work with industry professionals to explore the various opportunities in the field. 

The Cyber Club is also a learning track for participation in the AFA National CyberPatriot competitions.

**Our all girls CyberPatriot Team advanced to the Semi-Finals in their first competition try! Congratulations girls!

Intro to Game Development

MAGIC is partnering with a professional game developer to offer game development classes for students interested in coding and developing their own video games.

Students will have completed a playable level of their very own video game- designed and scripted by them at the completion of the 13 week course.

This entry level course in game development will utilize Unity and C#.

Big Data Bootcamp

Big Data Bootcamp is an 8 week virtual course designed to expose curious and independent learners to python and basic data science and machine learning techniques. We’ll cover the python language, general programming principles, important libraries and tools, and basic ML algorithms.  We’ve designed the topics to be accessible to all levels, so while previous programming experience will be helpful, its certainly not required. In fact, its far more important to be curious and want to learn!

The course is a combination of zoom “lectures” and mini-projects all based on a series of Google Colab notebooks.  Utilizing the Google cloud platform, the class will work through the topics for each weeks lecture to give participants a hands on learning environment.  This class will also utilized various programming libraries and tools including  GitHub.  By the end of the course, you will have your own Github repo with all the notes and code you created during the course.