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Is My Start-Up Right for a Tech Incubator?

Entrepreneurs have a few options when it comes to choosing where to grow their startup company. Co-working spaces like our very own in Westminster are a great place for creative professionals to work alongside others, instead of in isolation. Often times co-working spaces, whether private or public, will host incubator and/or accelerator programs. So […]

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The Origins of CTF

Cyber attacks are common in today’s world, and therefore cybersecurity is becoming a bigger and bigger priority for businesses.  In response, students and professionals in the information security industry have been working hard to discover the ways these attackers can hack into companies’ computer networks and acquire sensitive and private data. Cybersecurity training allows those […]

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Why Westminster is the Perfect Location for Your Start-Up 

    Starting a business is tough work. Whether you’re getting started with a new app or you’re looking to provide state-of-the-art technological solutions to your clients, founding a start-up is a big risk with the potential for great rewards.  Choosing the right people, the right product, and the right mindset can improve your chances […]

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