About Magic

Our Mission

MAGIC is dedicated to fully realizing the economic development potential of the broadband infrastructure located in Carroll County, Maryland.

We Create The Space for Magic to Happen.

MAGIC happens when people are provided the space to connect, collaborate, and solve problems. At MAGIC we call these spaces collaboratories.

These are physical, virtual, and temporary spaces where students, techies, artists, creatives, scholars, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders work together to solve complex problems. This is where innovation happens and the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.

Our current collaboratories include: Tech Experiences, Tech Innovation Laboratories, and Virtual Tech Incubator

Tech Ecosystem

MAGIC leverages the unique advantages of the Westminster Fiber Network to make our community a go-to destination for technology entrepreneurs, companies, and professionals.

We are a leader in the local technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Working together with community partners, MAGIC provides the resources and opportunities necessary to prepare our residents for success as innovators and entrepreneurs. We pursue strategic initiatives to increase the depth and diversity of the tech ecosystem in Carroll County. We create opportunities for collaboration, creative collision, and the synergies that accelerate innovation and entrepreneurial activity.