Over 45 students from Carroll County and beyond worked together to design, build, and pitch 14 apps in a weekend. It was a joy to watch these students collaborate, hustle, and push themselves to get their projects completed by the deadline.
Prior to the Hackathon Weekend, held on February 24-26, MAGIC hosted a Hackathon Workshop led by Bytelion. During this interactive workshops students learned real and relevant tech skills. They learned about technology entrepreneurship, how to design and validate an app, front end and back end web development, and VC pitch skills. To reinforce these concepts, students actually developed an app using the Google Maps API. The students leaned heavily on these skills to complete their projects.

Congratulations to the Straightforward team!

From left to right: Daniel Sailor (Littlestown High School), Joseph Ferguson (McDaniel College), Eleanor Hamilton (Carroll Community College), Jacob Reed (Harrisburg Area Community College), Jonathan Lingg (McDaniel College)
The overall winner of the Carroll County Hackathon was the team from Straightforward. They designed their app to help people curate and consume unbiased news. For their victory, their team received bragging rights, an awesome trophy, and $500 worth of Amazon gift cards.